Located 20 minutes west of Melbourne’s CBD, Timberfy operate their manufacturing in a 2800m2 factory, and have invested in the latest technology and state of the art machinery to provide their customers with the highest quality products, in a timely manner.  

5-Axis Machining


Spray Shop

Prototype Consulting

5-Axis CNC Machining

Operating two 5 axis machines, Timberfy can machine your solid and engineered timber designs at the precision of +/- 0.001mm, allowing architects, designers and builders to achieve their tight tolerances. With the use of their Biesse Rover, Timberfy can machine profiles at a vast size of 5055 x 1650mm, empowering designers to turn their designs into a reality.

Custom Laminating

Timberfy can laminate custom size bench tops and table tops up to a maximum size of 9000 x 1500mm. Additionally, we offer high volume laminating services, and are able to press up to twenty 2200 x 900mm on the carosel at once, allowing us to mass produce your designs. maximise high production of your restaurant table tops and additional custom furniture.

Spray Booth

Like any competent spray shop, we are able to match colour samples to suit our clients needs, and offer a variety of finishes ranging from a variety of oil products, single pack and 2-pack polyurethane lacquers.

If your products are in high volume, we can utilise our 6-axis spray robot, that can spray and seal designs with precision and minimal material.

Prototype Consulting

With an in-house industrial designer, Timberfy work collaboratively with architects and interior designers to manufacture their designs using robust joints and profiles, creating products of longevity. Using product development software, Timberfy simulate production for designer products, detailing dimensions, joints, and hardware used, ensuring a smooth process. With a sufficient planning process, we provide an efficient manufacturing operation.  

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