A 12-month warranty applies to all Timberfy products.

Timberfy will repair or replace any parts of the product with a manufacturing or structural defect, free of charge. All claims under warranty must be communicated with Timberfy.  A detailed report will need to be submitted along with images within 7 days from the defect occuring.


This warranty applies to:;

-Structural failure of steel bracing to minimise bowing

-Products that are for indoor only unless otherwise specified for extended outdoor exposure

-Manufacturing faults due to faulty workmanship

-The original purchasing party who engaged Timberfy’s services


The warranty does not cover:

-Bowing caused due to no steel bracing

-Failure to provide proper care and maintenance;

-Damage caused by general wear and tear (scratches, etc.) abuse, accidental damage, neglect or misuse;

-The product being exposed to direct sunlight & varying temperatures;

-Damage caused by carrier other than Timberfy;

-Damages such as scratches or chipping to finishes

-Damages as a result of water damage resulting in a tarnished finish, timber delaminating and/or timber splitting

-Third party material applied to product;

-Unauthorised servicing by a 3rd party immediately renders this warranty null and void.

-Transport charges involved in returning the product to Timberfy for relevant repairs and replacement.

-Additional trade charges involved in returning/uninstalling the product supplied by Timberfy for relevant repairs and replacement.


Solid timber is a natural product and is therefore responsive to changes in the environment.  Any movement, cracking or bowing in timber as a result of change in humidity, fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight is not warranted.  Some species of timber can split – this is a natural occurrence.